Engine Model J05E-UG (Hybrid) Type Diesel Electric Hybrid, 4-cycle, 4 cylinder inline, water-cooled, dry cylinder liners Fuel System Common rail, direct

Isuzu Limited Slip Differential Chatter

TOM’S TRUCK CENTER TECH SUPPORT   TECH TIP   AFFECTED VEHICLES 2011-2018MY Isuzu N-Series Vehicles Equipped with 5.2L (4HK1) Diesel Engine and Limited Slip Differential (LSD) option code IV0 INFORMATION CONDITION Customers of N-series vehicles may hear an  audible clicking or chattering noise coming from the rear of the vehicle while making tight turns. This […]

Isuzu Low Coolant Light

  Isuzu Low Coolant Light on Diagnosing the low coolant light on an Isuzu can sometimes be tricky. Low coolant light can be several different issues. It is necessary to be very thorough when inspecting these trucks for the above issue. Always perform a visual inspection of the cooling system Inspect for proper coolant level […]

Isuzu Turbo Diagnostics

 Isuzu Turbo Diagnostic Tips Model Year Trucks 2007-2010 Isuzu N-Seines and GMC W-Series Diesel Engine 5.2L (4HK1), Equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter 2007-2009 Isuzu F-Series and GMC and Chevy T and C Series  Diesel Engine 7.8L (6HK1) Equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter 2011-2015 N-Series Truck Equipped with a 5.2L (4HK) or a 3.0L (4JJ1) Equipped […]