1989-1991 Isuzu NPR Diesel




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Engine 4BD1-T      
Engine Oil SE/CD, SF/CD, CD engine oil 15W-40  8.0L (8.5 quarts)  
Compression Pressure 441 max, 313 minimum (psi)    
Automatic Trans. ATF Dexron II 13.5L (28.5 pints)  
Transmission (manual) SAE 40 oil above 32 C (90F) SAE 5W-30 SF below 32 (90F) 2.6L (5.5 pints)
Rear Axle gear oil SAE 90 GL-5 3.0L (6.0 pints)  
Engine coolant 50/50 blend of Ethyl Glycol & Water 17L (4.5 gal)  
Brake/Clutch Fluid Dot 3    
Power steering ATF Dexron II    
Air Conditioning R-12 32 oz  
A/C Oil 525 Viscosity 4.12 oz  
Brake Rotor Front Standard Limit 32mm(1.25in)  
Brake Drum Rear Standard 320mm(12.60in) Limit 321.5mm(12.66in)  

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  1. Pierre coma
    2 out of 5


    I would to haveore details also some pictures

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