1992-1995 FE/FG


Engine 4D34-T 135 hp @ 253 ft. lb.
Valve adj:  0.016 in. cold
Engine Oil APL CD, CD/SF, CE or CE/SF 15W-40  9.0 liters (9.5 quarts)
Engine Compression Compression 370 Limit 285
Automatic Trans. Dexron II 6.7L (7.1 quarts)
Trans Manual Gear oil SAE 90 GL-4 3.4L ( 3.6 quarts)
Transfer FG only Gear oil SAE 90 GL-4 2.5L (2.6 quarts)
Rear Axle Gear oil SAE 90 GL-5 4.5L (4.8 quarts)
Front Axle FG only Gear oil SAE 90 GL-5 3.0L (3.2 quarts)
Engine coolant Mix of Water and ethylene glycol 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze 14 liters (15 quarts)
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering Dexron or Dexron II
Air Conditioning R-12 27.2 oz +or- 1.7 oz Use Sight Glass
A/C oil Sunpag 56
Brake Rotor, minimum 22mm
Brake Drum, max diameter 322mm


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