1995.5 Isuzu NPR (GAS)




Engine V-8/EFI (5.7L) API grade SG, SH engine oil without filter 4.7l  (5.0qts) with filter 5.7L (6.0 qts)
Automatic Trans. ATF Dexron III 12.8L (3.4 gal)
Rear Axle gear oil SAE 90 GL-5 9L (2.4 gal)
Engine coolant Mix of Water and ethylene glycol 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze 15L (4.0 gal)
Brake Fluid Dot 3
Power steering Dexron III
Air Conditioning R134a 1.32 lbs
A/C Oil Swash plate compressure oil 6.08 oz
Brake Rotor Front Standard Limit 32mm(1.25in)
Brake Drum Rear Standard 320mm(12.60in) Limit 321.5mm(12.66in)


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