1997 Isuzu FSR, FTR, FVR Diesel





Engine 6HE1-TC Type Viscocity   Capacity
Engine Oil  Engine oil with the letters CG-4 is best for your vehicle. However, if CG-4 is not available, you may use CF-4/SH oil. These letters show American Petroleum 15W-40    14.0L 14.9 quarts)
Automatic Trans. DEXRON® – III Automatic Transmission Fluid or Type AT545 w/filter 20.0L (42.0 pints)   Pan 15.0L (32.0 pints)
Trans Manual Multi-purpose gear oil  w/o PTO 6.5L (13.74 pints)   w/PTO 7.2L (15.22 pints)
Rear Axle  Synthetic gear lubricant SAE 75w-90   see chart below 
Front Wheel Bearings with Oil Filled Hubs  Synthetic gear lubricant SAE 75w-90    
Engine coolant DEX-COOL 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze   30.3L (32.0 quarts)
Brake/Clutch Fluid Dot 3 Air ABS brakes    
Power steering Power Steeing Fluid      
Air Conditioning R-134a 2.0 lbs    
A/C Oil AIPDN part no# 2-90188-300-0 6.6 fl. Oz    
Brake Rotor Minimum thickness cast into rotor      
Brake Drum Max Discard Diameter Marked on Drum      



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