1998-2003 Isuzu FSR, FTR, FVR Diesel





Engine 6HK1-TC Type Viscosity Capacity 
Engine Oil  Oil with the letters CG-4 15W-40  14.0L (14.9 quarts)
Automatic Trans. Allison AT 545 Dexron III or Type C-4 Deep pan 15.0L (32.0 pints) Shallow pan 8.5L (18.0 pints) 
Trans Manual Gear oil  SAE 90 GL-5 5sp 5L(10.5pts)                      6sp w/o PTO6.5L(13.74pts)     6sp w/PTO 7.2L (15.22pints)
Rear Axle Gear oil  Synthetic SAE 75W-90 See chart below 
Engine coolant DEX-COOL 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze 30.3L (32.0 quarts)
Brake/Clutch Fluid Dot 3  (ABS hydraulic system)  
Power steering Power Steeing Fluid    
Air Conditioning R-134a 2.0 lbs  
A/C Oil AIPDN part no# 2 – 90188 – 300 – 0 6.6 fl. Oz  
Brake Rotor Minimum thickness cast into rotor  
Brake Drum Max Discard Diameter Marked on Drum  
Front Wheel Bearings                                          with Oil Filled Hubs  synthetic axle lubricant. SAE 75W-90  
Engine Compression Compression 469 Limit 313    
  Rear Axle Specifications   
Dana Rear Axle Single-Speed Model 
S150S (RPO-H08) 13.0 liters 13.8 quarts
Eaton® Rear Axle Single-Speed Models 
15040S (RPO-H10) 10.1 liters 10.7 quarts
15050S (RPO-HWY) 12.8 liters 13.5 quarts
15050S (RPO-HZW) 12.8 liters 13.5 quarts
15050S (RPO-H11) 12.8 liters 13.5 quarts
15060S (RPO-HPK) 14.6 liters 15.5 quarts
21060S (RPO-HPP) 14.6 liters 15.5 quarts
22060S (RPO-HPG) 14.6 liters 15.5 quarts
23080S (RPO-HPQ) 20.3 liters 21.5 quarts
23105S (RPO-HNA) 24.1 liters 25.5 quarts
Eaton® Rear Axle Two Speed Models
19050T (RPO-HZT) 16.8 liters 17.8 quarts
19060T (RPO-HPM) 18.0 liters 19.0 quarts
21060T (RPO-H15) 17.5 liters 18.5 quarts
22060T (RPO-HPH) 17.5 liters 18.5 quarts
23080T (RPO-H20) 21.0 liters 22.0 quarts

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  1. Axcel
    5 out of 5


    Got an isuzu fsr that got a problem with the clutch paddle after bleeding it paddle still stucks at the bottom but there’s no leak from the slave and master cylinder

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