1998 T-Series


Engine 6.0L V-8 EFI API 10W30 w/ starburst symbol gas 9L (10 quarts)
Engine 7.2L 3126 SAE 15W-40 Diesel oil 20L (21 quarts)
Automatic Trans Dexron II AT545 19.4L (41 pts) w/ spin-on filter MD3550P 20.3L (43 pts) w/ filter MD3560P 20.3L (43 pts)
Manual Trans SAE 50 Synthetic GM 12345724 Eaton model
Rear Axle SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear oil Eaton model single speed Eaton model 2-speed Dana S-150S13L(13.8qts)
Rear Axle Air Shift Refrigerant oil 5416939
Engine Coolant DEX-COOL  50/50 mix w/ water 30.3L (32 qts)
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering GM Power Steering Fluid
Air Conditioning R134 2.0 lbs
A/C Oil PAG Oil 12345923 8.1 fl. oz
Brake rotor/drum Minimum Thickness cast into Rotor/Drum


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