2002-2004 FH


Engine 4M50T/6D34
Valve adj: 4M50 int. .016, exh. .020 (cold) 6D34 = .016 in. & ex. (cold)
Engine Oil API CD, CD/SF,CE or CE/SF 15W-40 4M50 = 9 liters 6D34 = 9.5 liters
Engine Compression 370 max, 285 min 13L (14 quarts)
Automatic Trans. (Aisen) Dexron III M050S5 5.4L (5.7qts) Change 4.5L (4.8qts)
Trans Manual Gear oil SAE 90 GL-4 4.5L (4.8 quarts) M050S6 6.5L (6.9qts)
Rear Axle Gear oil SAE 90 GL-5 4M50 15L (15qts)
Engine coolant Fuso diesel long life coolant ABS brakes 6D34 21L (22qts)
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering Dexron or Dexron II 23 oz
Air Conditioning HFC-134a
A/C oil Sunpag 56
Brake Drum, max diameter 322 mm


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