2003-2006 C-Series


Engine 8.1L Gas V-8 API 10W30 w/starburst symbol gas 6.5 qts
Engine 7.2 Cat 3126 SAE 15W-40 Diesel oil 30 quarts
Engine 6.6 Duramax SAE 15W-40 Diesel oil 14.6 quarts
Engine 7.8L Duramax SAE 15W-40 Diesel oil 14.5 quarts
Automatic Trans ATF Dexron III Add 1L(2.pts with spin-on filter MD3060P.MD3560P 24.6L(52pts) 2000,,2400 13.5L(35pts)
Manual Trans Synthetic trans fluid (12345724) ZF model TraSynd(12378515) ZF S6-650  6L(12.7pts) RT6609 5.9L(12.5ots) RT8709B 11.8L(25.1pts) FS42205A,FS4205B,FS4205C 5.3L(11.1pts) FS5205A,FS5205C 5.5L(11.6pts) FS5406,FS6305A,FS6305B,FS6406,8.7L(18.4pts) FS8406 8.8L(18.5pts) RT8908LL 13.8L(29.1pts)
Rear Axle SAE 75W-90 Synthetic gear oil Single/Two speed Axle
Rear Axle Air Shift Refrigerant oil (GM5416939)
Engine Coolant DEX-COOL  50/50 mix w/water C4/C5 models: 8.1L engine  w/manual trans 30.1qts,  8.1L engine w/ automatic trans 29.8 qts,  6.6L engine w/ manual trans 27.3 qts,  6.6L engine w/automatic 27.3 qts C6/C7/C8 models: 8.1L engine 34.9 qts, 7.8L 200-215 hp engine 35.3 qts, 7.2L 174-230hp engine 33 qts, 7.8 engine 250-275hp 35.4 qts, 7.2L engine 250-300 hp 33.3 qts
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering GM Power steering Fluid (1050017)
Air Condioning R134 2.1 lbs
A/C Oil PAG Oil 12345923 8 oz The Delphi model HU6 service compressor shipped dry, The Sanden model 4754 service compressor are charged with 8oz Accumlator add 2oz of PAG oil plus the equal amount drained from old accumlator, Receiver/dryer 1oz  Total in system 8oz
Brake rotor/drum Minimum Thickness cast into Rotor/Drum


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