Isuzu 6HK-1 Fuel System Diagnostics





2005-2009 6HK-1TC 7.8L Fuel System Diagnostics

This PDF is valuable service manual information that directs the service technician to the appropriate fuel system diagnosis.

This troubleshooting procedure is the recommended procedure direct from Isuzu.

It is designed to test the integrity of the common rail fuel system used Isuzu F- Series and GMC T and C-Series equipped with a 7.8L 6HK-1TC Engines.

Fuel system bleeding procedure is included

Tools needed

  • Tech 2 scan tool or equivalent
  • Fuel line adapters
  • Mighty-Vac or equivalent

Fuel Return Volume Tester available for rent at a discount when purchasing this procedure.

 Call 888-253-3789 or email for more details.

You will need Adobe Reader to read this PDF file.



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