2005 Isuzu FRS, FTR, FVR Diesel




 6HK1-TC Diesel Engine

Engine Specs     Compression 469 Limit 313 Valve adj: 0.016in
Engine oil Oil with the letters CG-4 15W-40 22.5L (23.8 quart)    
Automatic Trans. Dexron III (LTC2000 low, 12Lstd14L) LTC2400 low12L(25.5pts) std14L (30pts) LTCMD3060/3560P 18L (38pts) note; low is shallow pan
Trans Manual Synthetic manual trans fluid GM12345724 FS54065/FS6406 8.7L (18.4 pints) RT8709 12.3L (13 quarts) RT8908LL 13.2L (14 quarts)
Rear Axle Gear oil SAE 75W-90 Synthetic 15.1L (16,0 quarts)    
Engine coolant DEX-COOL 30.0L ( 32.0 quarts)    
Brake/Clutch Fluid Dot 3 ABS brakes    
Power steering Power Steering Fluid 4.0-4.7L (8.5-9.9 pints)    
Air Conditioning R-134a 2.0 lbs    
A/C Oil PAG oil GM P/N 88900060 8 oz    
Brake Rotor Standard 39.10mm (1.539 in) Limit 36.10mm (1.421in) Or Marked on rotor  
Brake Drum Air/Drums 381mm (15in) Limit 384.048mm (15.120 in) 419.10mm (16.50in) Limit 422.148mm (16.620in)


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