2007i-2010 NPR/NQR/NRR




·  Recommended Fluids and Lubricants



Engine Oil

Quality recommended BESCO CLEAN SUPER CJ4 (API designation). To determine the viscosity required W-40 for the vehicle’s diesel engine.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Genuine ISUZU SCS Transmission Fluid. (Do NOT use DEXRON®-III)
                                                                             (Do NOT use DEXRON®-VI)

Power Steering Fluid
Hydro Brake Boost Fluid (NQR, NRR)


Rear Axle

Multi-purpose gear oil SAE90 GL-5

Rear Axle (Limited Slip Differential)

Multi-purpose gear oil SAE90 GL-5 for limited slip differential together with 0.6L (1.27 pints/20oz.) limited slip differential lubricant additive (Part No. 8-01052-358-0) or equivalent.

IMPORTANT: Part No. 8-01052-358-0 comes in an 8oz. bottle, therefore you will need to order THREE bottles and use 2.5. 

Chassis Lubricant

Multi-purpose grease with high temperature, good quality, lithium soap, extreme pressure grease

Battery Terminals

Petroleum Jelly (outer surfaces)

Clutch and Brake Fluid

Brake fluid DOT 3 or equivalent

Cab-Door Hinges and Latches Lubricant

A semi-fluid grease having extreme pressure properties and containing zinc oxide (Lubricant or equivalent)

Engine Coolant

Mixture of water and good quality ethylene glycol base type anti-freeze conforming to GM Spec., 6277M or ISUZU Factory Fill Long Life Coolant Part No.2-90531-809-0

Windshield Washer Solvent

Washer Solvent

Propeller Shaft, Universal
Joints and Sliding Sleeve

NLGI #1 or #2 multi-purpose type grease

Propeller Shaft Center Bearing,
Wheel Hub Bearing Lubricant

NLGI #2 or #3


Recommended Fluid Capacities/Maintenance Information 


 Recommended Fluid Capacities/Maintenance Information

Capacities given are approximated original factory filling quantities. Use this information for reference only. Actual refill quantities may vary based on fluid temperature and drain time.

Engine Crankcase

 Keep the level as close as possible to the full mark without overfilling. Do not operate with the level below the low mark.


     Engine Oil and Filter Change:
     Engine Oil Only Change:
     Dry Engine:

10.5 L (11.0 qts)
9.5 L (10.0 qts)
13.0 L (13.7 qts)

This figure includes the full-flow oil filter, which should be changed at each oil change.

When to Add Engine Oil

If the oil is below the lower hole at the tip of the dipstick, you need to add at least one quart/liter of oil. But you must use the right kind.

Notice: Do not add too much oil. If the engine has so much oil that the oil level gets above the "Full" level that shows the proper operating range, the engine could be damaged.
Be sure to add enough oil to put the level somewhere in the proper operating range. Push the dipstick all the way back in when you are through.

What Kind of Engine Oil to Use

Oils designated as API CJ-4 recommended for the vehicle. The CJ-4 designations can appear either alone, together, or in combination with other American Petroleum Institute (API) designations, such as API CJ-4. These letters show API levels of quality.

Engine Cooling System


18.0 L (4.8 gal)


82, 85°C (180, 185°F)

Radiator Pressure Cap

108 kPa (15.66 psi)

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank capacity is stated on a metal plate attached to the fuel tank body. Only fill the tank to 95 percent of its capacity. This allows room for expansion of the fuel

Manual Transmission

Capacity (based on a dry transmission)

4.4 L (9.3 pints)

Automatic Transmission

Capacity (based on a dry system including transmission, converter, cooler, lines etc.)

14.0 L (29.6 pints)

Rear Axle

Gear Oil Capacity

10.0 L (21.1 pints)

Limited Slip Differential Lubricant Additive (if limited slip differential equipped)

0.6L (1.27 pints)



Maintenance Item

Air Cleaner Filter

ISUZU Part No. 8-97062-294-0 GM Part No. 97062294

Engine Oil Filter Cartridge

ISUZU Part No. 8-97148-270-1 GM Part No. 97148270

Fuel Filter Cartridge with O-ring

ISUZU Part No. 8-98037-011-0 GM Part No. 98037011

Fastener Torques

Intake Manifold Nut and Bolts

24 N·m (17 lb ft)

Exhaust Manifold Nut and Bolts

34 N·m (25 lb ft)


19 N·m (14 lb ft)

Steering Gear Box Fixing Nuts and Bolts

103 N·m (76 lb ft)

Propeller Shaft Flange Nuts

103 N·m (76 lb ft)

Leaf Spring U-Bolt Nuts











127 N·m
(94 lb ft)

196 N·m
(145 lb ft)


284 N·m
(209 lb ft)

Wheel Nuts

490 N·m (362 lb ft)



12,000 lb & 14500 lb

17,950 & 19,500

Brake Rotor

Standard 40mm (1.57 in) Limit 37mm (1.46in)

Standard 42mm (1.65in) Limit 39mm (1.54in)

Brake Drum

Inside diameter limit 321.5mm (12.66in)

Inside diameter limit 372mm (14.64in)


Wheel Nuts

490 N·m (362 lb ft)


Additional Information

Weight 1.00 lbs


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