Trouble Code P2002

2008-2010 UD/Nissan Medium Duty Trucks

Engines J05 and J08 equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter


UD has discovered this may be a ghost code and or you may have an actual failure in the DPF system. It is important to trouble shoot the circuit before concluding it is a ghost code. Below is a guide to aid the technician for troubleshooting P2002

This code may have set:

  • The code may be a “ghost code” with no repairs required
  • The code may have set due to a failure within the DPF system
  • It may be necessary to perform a manual forced regeneration to the DPF system

A P2002 trouble code will set when one or more of nine DPF Status System flags have been turned on, it will be necessary to check this with a diagnostic tool. UD software is recommended.

You can find the UD software at:


The following items have been found to contribute to trouble code  P2002 codes and should be inspected

1) If DTC’s other than a P2002 are present, identify and correct those DTC’s before proceeding to item 2.
Inspect exhaust tail pipe for black soot.
a) if excessive black soot is present then the DPF has been compromised.
b) if no soot, just gray residue or rust is present proceed to item 2.
2) Verify that the engine oil level is not overfull.
3) Remove the air intake pipe and check for excessive oil from the CVS into the turbo air inlet.
4) Remove piping between turbo and inter-cooler and inspect for excessive oil or tar like buildup.
5) Inspect the intake throttle plate for looseness, loose plate mounting screws, or sticking/binding and repair/replace as necessary.
6) Check that the pipe and hoses are clear to the differential pressure switch.
7) Inspect and adjust the exhaust brake (must have OEM software to perform the proper adjustment). Call tech Support at 888-253-3789 for more details




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