1986-1987 FK/FM


Engine 6D14/6D14T 6D14: 114 hp @ 412 torque lbs. 6D14T: 138 hp @ 553 torque lbs.
Valve adj: .016. inch, both (cold)
Engine Oil API CD, CD/SF,CE or CE/SF 15W-40  Approx: 10L (2.6gals)
Engine Compression 370 max, 285 min
Trans Manual Gear oil SAE 90 GL-4               High speed engine oil 40 or 50 M5S5 6.5 liters M6S5  7 liters M8S2x5 16 liters
Rear Axle Gear oil SAE 90 GL-5
Engine coolant Mix of Water and ethylene glycol 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze 22 liters (5.8 gals)
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering ATF Dexron
Brake Drum, max diameter FK  402 mm FM  414 mm

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