1989-1993 UD1100/UD1300


Engine FD35T/TD42T FD-35 120 hp @ 210 torque lbs. TD-42T 135 hp @ 217 torque lbs.
Engine Oil API CC or CD 15W40 FD-35 10 liters (10-5/8 qts) TD-42 15 liters (15-7/8 qts)
Valve Adjust FD-35 .016 in, int & exh, (cold) TD-42  .014 inch, intake/exhaust, cold
Compression Pressure std. 427psi, min. 356 psi
Automatic Trans ATF Dexron wo/PTO 12.5L (8-1/2 quarts) w/PTO 12.8 (13-1/2 quarts)
Trans Manual Gear oil SAE 80W-140 GL-4 3.9L (4-1/8 quarts)
Rear Axle Gear oil SAE 80W-140 GL-5 6.2L (6-1/2 quarts)
Engine coolant Mix of Water and ethylene glycol 1/2 water & 1/2 antifreeze UD1100 17L (4-1/2 gals) UD1300 19L (5 gals)
Brake/Clutch DOT 3
Power Steering ATF Dexron or Dexron II
Air Conditioning R-12 UD 1100 1.87 lbs UD 1300, 1.2 lbs
A/C oil SUNISO 5GS 5.7 oz
Brake Drum Standard 320mm (12.60 inin) Max 321.5mm (12.66 in)

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