1995-1996 C-Series


Engine (Gas) 6.0L & 7.0L SAE 10W30 motor oil 10 qts
Engine Cat 3116 (6.6L) SAE 15W-40 Diesel oil 20.0L (21 quarts)
Automatic Trans ATF Dexron III AT542 30 pts, AT545 40 pts, MT643 & MT653 36 pts, MDWT3060/3660 38 pts add one liter when changing spin-on filter
Manual Trans Gear oil SAE 50 Synthetic FS4005A/B/C 9.5 pts, FS5005A/C 10.5 pts, FS6206 18 pts, FS6105A/B 19 pts, FS7206 19 pts, RT6610 12 pts, RT6613 16 pts
Rear Axle Eaton SAE 75W-90 Synthetic 15040S 21 pts, 19050S 25 pts, 21065S & 22065S 33 pts, 23705S & 23105S 40 pts, 15040T 24 pts, 19050T 24 pts, 21065T, 22065T  33 pts, 23070T 39 pts
Rear Axle Air Shift Refrigerant oil (GM5416939) 30.4ml (1.03 fl. Oz)
Engine Coolant Mix of Water and ethylene glycol 50/50 water/anti-freeze 6.0 & 7.0L 26qts, w/AT 24qts 6.6L 32 qts
Brake/Clutch Fluid DOT 3
Power Steering GM Power steering Fluid (1050017)
Air conditioning R-134a 2.5 lbs
A/C oil PAG Harrison HD-6.8 fl oz Sanden SD-7H15 5.9 fl oz
Brake Rotor Minimum Thickness cast into rotor
Brake Drum Minimum Thickness cast into drum

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