2005-2007 Mits 6M60 Engine Torque Specs/Cylinder Head Replacement



*6M60 Torques Specification is a 11 Page Dowload File Includes: 


  • Cylinder Head Bolts
  • Cylinder Head Replacement Procedure
  • Valve Adjustment Procedure
  • Rocker Cover
  • Glow Plugs
  • Nozzle Bridge Bolt
  • Idler Gear
  • Idler #3 Collar Nut
  • Connecting Rod Cap
  • Flywheel Bolts, Manual Trans
  • Flywheel Bolts, Auto Trans
  • Power Steering Pump Bolts
  • Idler Gear No. 1
  • Idler Gear No.
  • Gear Backlash
  • Gear Endplay
  • Crank Shaft Pulley Nut
  • Torsional Damper Mounting
  • Main Bearing Cap Bolts
  • Oil Jet Check Valve


*You are purchasing a downloadable file. You will need Adobe Reader to read the PDF file.

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