2005-2007 UD/Hino J05D-TA Cylinder Head Installation Procedure



Hino/UD Cylinder Head

Installation Procedure

2005-2007 Hino 145,165,185 MODELS

2005-2007 UD 1300, 1400, 1800CS MODELS

Equipped with J05D-TA

This is a 12 page PDF Information Packet with Factory Recommended Procedure

File Includes: 

  • Head Bolt Measurements
  • Head Torques and Sequence
  • Factory Tips and Precautions
  • Camshaft Idler Gear Torque Specifications
  • Camshaft Installation
  • Rocker Arm Installation with Torque Specifications
  • Valve Adjustment Procedure
  • Locating TDC
  • Cylinder Head Cover Installation

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