Diagnostic Software/Hardware Package



Isuzu Software/Hardware Package

 Covers All Isuzu Trucks With An OBD 2 Connector to Present Year


One tool does it all 

Isuzu recently rewrote the software program and now covers from 1996 to present model year trucks This tool performs diagnostics & reprogramming (as allowed by Isuzu) on Isuzu Commercial  vehicles with the OBD 2 connections up to current model year. This diagnostic system is the OEM recommended diagnostic tool. Saves time and money and gets the trucks back on the road quickly.


Kit Includes Access to Factory Service Manuals, Electrical Schematics and TSB’S!!

Kit consists of:

Isuzu Software
Isuzu Interface
USB Cable
OBD 2 cable
Installation Instructions
Six months of free software updates

Performs diagnostic testing on:

ABS-2007 and newer

This package offers the following:

Main Screen

Front screen overview
How to select a vehicle
How to use software update
Recent bulletin overview
How to view/search bulletins

After Selecting Vehicle

In-depth look at the table of content format
How to use search info
In-depth look at schematics

Scan Tool Contents:

Data list
Output tests

Controller Programming

In-depth look at controller replacing / reprogramming / calibration updating
Injector flow programming
Speedo calibration
Vehicle option programming (PTO, etc.)

Utility Functions

In-depth look at saved snapshots
In-depth look at saved freeze frames
Failure report information

Also Includes:

Wire Diagrams
Service Info

Allows technicians to enter injector codes into the ECM whenever the injectors are replaced. Allows for ECM re-flashing. Performs all the same testing & adjustments as the dealer version.



Note: This tool cannot be used on 6.6 liter (V-8) Duramax engines. The Tech 2 (with a GM memory card) and a CANdi module is used for the 6.6 liter Duramax engine.

Isuzu recommends the use of a dedicated laptop for proper use of the software. 

PC Requirements
The PC that the Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (IDSS) program is installed on must meet the following minimum operating requirements or the program may not properly install or operate:
1.      Notebook PC or Desktop PC with hard drive
2.      Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 / 64 bit)
3.      2.0 GHz Pentium Processor
4.      40 GB Hard Drive Minimum (80 GB Hard Drive Recommended)
5.      2 GB (32 bit) or 4 GB (64 bit) RAM
6.      DVD 16X Drive (Dual Layer)
7.      2.0 USB Port
8.      Hi-Speed Internet Connection

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