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This is the OEM (Mitsubishi) recommended procedure to repair the timing chain system found on the 4P10 engines.

This 18 page PDF file also includes Tech Tips from hands on experienced factory trained dealership technicians to aid in the correct replacement procedure.

The 4P10 engine has a very complex timing system and it is imperative that the replacement procedure is followed. The 4P10 timing system does not have timing gear or chain marks to align. The use of special tools is a must to ensure the engine is timed right. Catastrophic engine failure could result with out the use of the special tools.

This file Includes:

  • Critical OEM Precautions
  • Component Illustrations
  • Special Tool Requirements
  • Critical Chain Stretcher (tensioners) Information
  • Technical Support Tech Tips
  • Torque Specifications
  • Step By Step Instructions

Tom’s Truck Center has a Tool Rental Program. The Special Tools required for this procedure are available through the Tool Rental Program. For more Information on the Tool Rental Procedure call 888-253-789 and ask about the discount rate when purchasing this Information Packet

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